WILL OF JAMES A. LEWIS (From Fleming County, Kentucky Will Book "B", Page 418)
In the name of God, amen. I, James Lewis, of the county of Fleming and the state of Ky. Being thru the abundant mercies of God tho weak of body yet of sound and perfect understanding and memory do constitute this my last will and testament and desire that it may be received by all as such.
First I most humbly bequest my soul to God my maker beseeching his most gracious acceptance of it through the all sufficient grace of my most compassionate Redeemer Jesus Christ. As for my burial I desire it may be decent without pomp or state at the discretion of my dear wife and my executor hereafter named. As to my worldly estate, I will and positively order that all my debts be paid. First I give my dear and loving wife one third of all my estate during her natural life. I will that my oldest son Charles N. Lewis' heirs after paying five hundred dollars for a negro man named Adam to my estate that they come in for their father's part which I will to be an equal part with the rest of my children. I desire that my daughter Betsy Bell shall pay five hundred dollars for a negro man named Tom and then to have an equal part of my estate with the rest of my children. I will that my daughter Bridget L. Gault shall have One Dollar out of my estate exclusive of what she has already received. I will that my daughter Ailse Hawkins after paying to my estate the sum of five hundred dollars for a negro woman named Eve that she shall have an equal part with the rest of my children. Out of my estate I will that my daughter Nancy Ringo shall have an equal share of my estate with the rest of my children after she pays four hundred dollars for a negro girl named Cyrene. I wish and desire that my sons James R. Lewis & Peter B. Lewis, Robert G. Lewis & William D. Lewis to have an equal part of my estate with the rest of my children. I do desire that this will should (be) punctually complied with. I shall appoint my two sons Peter B. Lewis & Robert G. Lewis Executors and my beloved wife Executrix. Given under my hand this 10th day of September A.D. 1819. Teste James Lewis (seal)
Evan Evans
John Murphy
James Wilson

Fleming County, Kentucky Will Book, Page 429

Fleming County, KY August 4, 1820
In pursuance of an order of the Fleming County Court. We the undersigned court appraisers did meet at the house of James Lewis deceased in the county aforesaid and being first duly sworn before a justice of the peace for said county we proceeded to value the personal property of the aforesaid James Lewis.

2 shotguns and 1 shotgun barrel -------------------------------------------------------------------$ 8.00
2 scythe and crosscut saw and five waggon boxes -------------------------------------------- 2.07
1 log chain and iron wedge two axes and one froe ---------------------------------------------- 5.25
1 bunch of carpenter tools and mattock & two hoes and one spade --------------------------- 8.00
Seven breeding sows -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21.00
The running gear of a cart & ox yoke 18 head of cattle ----------------------------------------- 131.50
One wagon and gear and cutting box and grind stone ------------------------------------------ 60.00
Four horses two plows and saddle bridle and one blanket ------------------------------------- 227.50
Ten pieces of pot metal shovel tongs & coffee mill ----------------------------------------------- 5.50
3 pieces of copper ware one barrel and one gun ------------------------------------------------ 1.25
5 pieces of copper ware two bacon and seven chairs ------------------------------------------ 3.875
One candle stick stand a slate table & one cupboard --------------------------------------------- 8.50
Razor hone Eight books and large Bible ------------------------------------------------------------- 11.50
Looking glass and three gimblet ---------------------------------------------------------------------- .6875
Three spinning wheels and one real ----------------------------------------------------------------- 4.50
Sugar stand one chest one pair steel yards -------------------------------------------------------- 4.00
Lumber box a pair of dog irons and case ----------------------------------------------------------- 2.25
One hundred and ninety one gallons of whiskey -------------------------------------------------- 95.50
29 geese two bed steads head and bedding ------------------------------------------------------- 43.66
14 sheep ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14.00
One Negro man named Sam --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 600.00
One Negro man named Manuel ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 700.00
One Negro woman named Jo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 500.00
One Negro woman named Betty ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 500.00
Loom & pair of spreads --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.00
Still and tubs keags and a sheep bell ------------------------------------------------------------------ 50.7875
Two hoes and ax two pliars and one round sharo -------------------------------------------------- 3.00
One shavel plow and one bell -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.75
Twenty seven hogs and one hand saw -------------------------------------------------------------- 61.76
Three sickles and pair of gears ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.50
Total: $3127.95

We the court appraisers testify the above to be a true inventory of the property shown us by the executors of James Lewis deceased.
William James
Mose Thompson
Wvan Evans
We certify that the foregoing list contains all the personal estate of James Lewis deceased which has come to our hand as executors.
October 2, 1820 Peter B. Lewis Robert Garland Lewis